Awareness training and campaign with bike raiders aimed at promoting positive masculinity

In implementing the SIDA project as members of the MenEngage Cameroon Network, MOHCAM, WESAD and DHO carried a community dialogue and training session with eighty (80) bike raiders with the collaboration of the Bamenda II municipal council. This activity had as objective to engage men and boys to combat toxic masculinity and promote gender equality in the North West region. This session was graced by the supervision of Reach Out, Cameroon the coordinating organization of the MenEngage network in Cameroon. We moved beyond gender-sensitive norms to a gender-transformative approach which addressees the underlying structural causes of gender inequality in conflict community such as norms and power relations. This is essential in strengthening community accountability and gender justice.

Bike riders play a significant role in the transportation sector in the North West Region. Biker riders are mostly young people and they are united groups of persons in the city of Bamenda, as they are always ready to protect one another. The experiences of men and boys are equally influence by their gender identity, for example when they engage in violence or armed conflict in an effort to prove their masculinity. The inclusion of bike raiders is very important as they play a strong role tend to be more sustainable agents of development.

The awareness training and campaign with bike raiders aimed at promoting positive masculinity through community dialogue structures in partnership with the Bamenda II Municipal Council.
The campaign shaped their cultural and community constructed negative norms. Gender-sensitivity and positive masculinity involves recognizing and addressing gendered dynamics, and require the meaningful participation of men and boys at all stages. We enhanced community participation as we shared the necessity of community accountability amongst bike raiders in Bamenda II in order to achieve gender equality and gender justice. We strive to create spaces for men and boys to become active change agents in transforming negative social norms.

We wish to extend our gratitude to the Mayor of Bamenda II Council and the Association of Bike Raiders of Bamenda II for the great collaboration and success of the awareness raising and training bike raiders.

Thank you @Sonke Gender Justice through the SIDA grant for funding this activity and to @MenEngage Cameroon and @Reach Out for making this possible.