Distribution of School Materials to IDP pupils in two schools in Mezam Division.

In response to the immediate needs and building resilience for vulnerable internally displaced children has been the focus of the RIPDI project for the past three years. Crisis situation often hampers access to education for internally Displaced children and Education is a human right and must be protected and made accessible to all.

Over 300 pupils from two primary schools benefit from the last phase of the distribution of School Kits and didactic materials.

Over 110 internally displaced children from Foundation Nursery and Primary School Bamendankwe and 190 internally displaced pupils of Presbyterian Primary School Ntambese Bamenda benefited from this year's school package. They received school kits and didiatic materials such as chalk, school registers, exercise books, pens, and pencils.

Mother of Hope Cameroon - MOHCAM and her partners worked closely to ensure that quality, inclusive and equitable education is provided to children living in very difficult circumstances.
#ripdiproject is funded by Union européenne au Cameroun and being implemented by Association pour la Promotion du Développement Local, Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa (IHRDA), Mother Of Hope Cameroon - Mohcam in Menoua, Bamboutos, and Mezam Divisions.

All children must go to School.
We Remain Grateful.