“Girls with Smart Brains” With Cynthia Wakuna

Mohcam’s smart girl is inviting all women and girls to “Our Girls,Our World” group to become smart and transformed women leaders.

We build girls’ and young women’s skills and confidence to change the world. Through our programs and support from the networks of partnering organizations, the girls and young women take focused actions in marginalized communities and schools.

We are inviting all women and girls to a safe space on “Our Girls,Our World” group to discover the hidden treasures.”Our Girls,Our World” initiative provide spaces for girls to speak out and find solutions on issues that are important and real to them.


Allow us to hold hands and travel through this path of discovering purpose together step by step!!

It will be exciting, triggering, and move us to stretch our potentials to become what God intended us to be.

Do well to stay with us as we will be presenting a step by step guide to finding and living Purposeful lives.

We trust that you will remain our faithful readers as we invest in our lives and get to work. It is about time we stop wasting precious time on things which don’t matter and to work on our life assignments.

Keep the rendezvous! !