MOHCAM gaining capacity with NRC on Humanitarian Community on HLP Due Diligence.

It was another amazing Two days of #MOHCAM gaining capacity with #NRC on the "Training of Humanitarian Community on HLP Due Diligence".
This training was made of 25 participants who were all representatives of different organizations and the training was from 2nd to 3rd March 2023
The objectives of the training was for participants to be able to;

  • Describe why it is important to consider addressing HLP in Humanitarian relief and recovery phases.
  • Outline key concepts related to HLP and List resources of international laws related to HLP and key principles

This training was so enriching as participants gained knowledge on;

  • HLP terms and definitions
  • HLP Rights in the context of conflict and forced displacement. The situation of HLP issues in the North West (Between host and IDPs/between host and host
  • The national and international legal framework on HLP Women and HLP Rights
  • Conflict stakeholder analysis (Analysing and understanding the causes of conflict)
  • HLP and collaborative dispute resolution methods
  • The types of approaches and different procedures for conflict resolution
  • HLP and Due Diligence and
  • Durable solutions and HLP issues.

There was also a lot of experience sharing between the participants on HLP issues in encountered in their various areas of implementation. At the end of the training, the participants all agreed to carry out more sensitization on HPL Rights and also produce small documents on the various HLP Rights to sensitize their different communities