MOHCAM present at a two day at Training session for Humanitarian Actors in Mezam Division of the NWR

MOHCAM was privileged to be part of a two days training on "Training of Humanitarian Actors in Mezam Division of the NWR on Civil Registration in Cameroon and the Legal Framework"by NRC, ICLA department in collaboration with BUNEC, from Wednesday 15th February to Thursday 16th February 2023.

BUNEC was the main facilitator of this training, Some of the objectives of the training were;

  • To enhance capacity of humanitarian actors (protection actors) in NW region on legal framework governing the establishment of civil status documents in Cameroon.
  • Explain the role of humanitarian actors in facilitating access to civil documentation for displacement-affected population in NW region.
  • Lead brainstorming with participants to identify challenges in the establishment of civil status documentation and proposed solutions.
  • Develop and adopt a plan of action for an uptake of civil status registration in NW.
  • Strengthen collaboration among protection actors involved in civil documentation response in the NWR.

The training was very enriching as the participants also gained knowledge on; declaration and regulation of civil status events, declaratory judgements, legal framework of civil status, national and international legal framework, importance of civil status, mechanisms and channels of collaboration and methods and tools for raising awareness in the community.

The training was also so engaging as the participants had sessions of group work amongst themselves, they also shared their difficulties and experiences in assisting IDPs to establish civil status documents,

BUNEC promised to do all within her powers to see that most of the challenges raised by the participants in establishing civil status documents especially for IDPs is addressed within the shortest possible time.