MOHCAM shared with teenage mothers and adolescent girls during the Xmas season

It's the Season, We cannot thank you enough, our devoted friends and the great #MOHcam team for the support to our #IDP adolescent girls and teenage mothers.As we close this year
we decided to give back to the #Teenage_Mothers and #Adolescents_Girls who are survivors of violence in our safe spaces in Mezam Bamenda I, II and III Municipalities.

So it is in the spirit of gratitude, sharing and Thanksgiving that #MOHCAM donated Clothes, Rice, Groundnut oil and packets of Maggi to teenage mothers and adolescent girls who are living in fragile settings affected by the conflict. This was to support them to have a fruitful and enjoyable Christmas with their babies.

We are grateful to everyone who has been able to support MOHCAM for this year.
To all our funders, partners, supporters, well-wishers and friends, we say a big thank you.
We are giving hope to the hopeless. Every girl is a genius. Just make sure you wear that smile.
Merry Christmas to everyone and a prosperous New year.